Chris Funk Magic



Fee from: $600  
CREDITS: CitiTV, Tragically Hip, Corporate events across CA, Honda, Chevy, Toyota
Have you ever met someone for only a few brief moments and not have been able to forget them? That is exactly the impression Winnipeg Magician Chris Funk leaves on people. After all, it isnít a service that you are looking for as much as it is a RESULT. If it is results you want, and a lasting memory of your event, Chris Funk is the answer. Chris has fine-tuned his performance abilities over the past 16 years, performing at different corporate events, business meetings, lounges, and restaurants throughout Canada.

Whether it is a small business meeting, a staff party, or a function where you simply want your audience to be completely entertained and amazed, Chris Funk is the SOLUTION.

Chris truly is a master at his art. He creates an environment where people can laugh and really have an unforgettable experience.The "Thank-youís" you will get will say it all! If you are looking for a fresh new approach to entertainment, Chris Funk is where the searching will end.

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