Tony Chapparo



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CREDITS: Albuquerque Journal article Oct. 2005, Albuquerque the magazine Mar.2006
A trip to the library one summer afternoon changed Tony's life forever.

After reading a biography of the legendary escape artist and magician Harry Houdini, Tony, then 12 years old, knew he wanted to perform escapes and magic and try to change people's perceptions of life and how they looked at "reality".

Soon after reading about Houdini's adventures Tony started small , learning to escape from regulation police handcuffs, performing close up magic and sleight of hand.

The escapes became more elaborate. Straight jackets, packing crates, 55 gallon drums filled with water, body bags, mail bags, chains padlocks and anything else imaginable Tony has escaped from at one time or another.

Tony lives in Albuquerque, NM with his wife and three daughters.

He is still escaping and changing people's perceptions of the world through magic.

Tony performs an interesting mixture of unusual magic and death defying escapes. Walk around or strolling magic for smaller events and escape magic for larger venues and events.

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