Hypnotist JimmyG


Hypnotist based in WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA

Fee from: $999  
CREDITS: Daytime Live TV, Radio Shows, Ladies Expos, Corporate Events, Fund Raisers
Corporate entertainer and comedy stage Hypnotist JimmyG's comedy hypnotist shows are always corporate clean fun and perfect for any event. His comedy hypnotism show brings audience members on stage to become the Stars of the Show!

Hypnotist JimmyG takes volunteers on a mental ride that will allow them to believe they are racing in the Daytona 500 to performing as a musical celebrity on American Idol and much more.

The hypnotized volunteers are also treated to positive life improving suggestions upon re-awakening as a special reward for participating in JimmyG's Hypnotic Comedy Show.

In addition, your audience members will be amazed at the hilarious antics of their friends, family members and co-workers as they act out these hypnotic experiences.

Your corporate event, fundraiser, school assembly or gala entertainment will not only be amazing but will be amazingly funny!

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