The KIng Mixers



Fee from: Please Inquire  
CREDITS: Los Angeles, New York City, Japan, S. Korea, London, etc
Screaming Lord Spam: vocals/guitar

Ravi Rocket: guitar/vocals

Snotty Rags: bass/vocals

Peter Wurst: drums/vocals

THE KING MIXERS play nothing but Up-Beat, High-Energy, Number One Rock & Roll Hits that keep the girls on the dance floor & the drinks flowing. This is not just a great Rock & Roll band, but an entertaining & hillarious show as well. With Screaming Lord Spam handling the frontman position, it is guaranteed that there will not be a dull moment between songs. And then thereís Snotty Rags Poetry Corner, where he recites the dumbest pop lyrics of all time with Shakespearean-type seriousness.! Plus! the most unforgettable version of Queenís Bohemian Rhapsody you will ever hear... or see.

And the songs? Every single song THE KING MIXERS play is guaranteed to be a hit that everyone knows or your money back! Everything from U2 to The Beatles, Jet to The Who, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Police, David Bowie, Bay City Rollers, Sweet, Slade & more.! And donít tell anyone, but they also throw in a few Yankee Rock tunes that are just too good to pass up from The Killers, White Stripes, The Monkees & The Ramones.

Whether you want a whole nite of one genre (ie; a groovy 60ís party or an all 80ís nite) or everything from the 60ís to present, the fact remains.. Once you see & hear THE KING MIXERS you will be back again . . . with your friends. It is no wonder that they have the kind of loyal following that they do. So if you want your club to cut loose, drink & dance all nite . . . call THE KING MIXERS

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