MasterMind Hypnosis Comedy Show


Hypnotist based in GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, USA

Fee from: $200  
CREDITS: Missing Children Foundation, United Cancer Society, Child Abuse Council

People are stuck to their chairs. Then the chairs get hot, then cold. Now they're driving invisible cars. And now losing or winning a game show. This and much more happens onstage non stop, one skit after another, until people are practically rolling on the floor with laughter. Just when they catch their breaths, they laugh some more.

They don't mind all of that laughing, it's what they paid for, and it feels great! For a time, the audience forgets the outside world and lives in the very funny moment.

A good hypnosis stage show is one of the finest forms of entertainment there is. The audience gets a chance to come on stage and join the show, and they love it. They get to express the inner "show off" within.

The audience also gets to view the wonders of the powers of the mind. Hypnosis is Not scary, it's just really funny!

This show is "G" rated, so people from 14 to 140 can enjoy it. If it doesn't crack you up than it is suggested you call and set an appointment for a session of hypno-therapy! (with us!)
For the time of your life that you will remember for life, it's showtime!

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